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PARANOIA Issue #64

1) The Enigma of the Mont Order – Rumors have circulated for centuries about this hidden group, who are they? 2) Drugs Used as Weapons Against Us – Did the CIA use drugs as weapons against protestors and activists? 3) Is There a Secret Space Program? – Is there really a secret space program? 4) THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE WATER – IT’S CLEAR AS MUD – What is really going on with the fluoride in our water? 5) The Satanic Temple – We’ve recently seen a lot of news about Satanist Lucien Graves, but what is really going on? 6) A Conspiracy Cornucopia – What was the recent X-Files Mini-Series really about? 7) THE REASON WHY The News Is Vulnerable to Propaganda – Why are news and propaganda so closely related? 8) THE WAZOOEY MAN – It’s an obscure story which has never gotten attention, until now. 9) The Plan 9 Conspiracy – You’ve seen the movie, but do you know the conspiracy? 10) Frankenskies – From Cough to Coffin – So what is the truth behind Chemtrails? How is it connected to current events?


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Paranoia Magazine #63

Paranoia63_003In this issue:

  • Letter from the Publisher by Olav Phillips
  • Secrets of the Shining by Jay Wiedner
  • The Great American Moon Hoax by Joan d’Arc
  • Miley Cyrus, Stephen Colbert and the Celebrity Discordian Menance by N. Nash Gage
  • The New MOONDOGGLE by Clyde Lewis
  • Lithium and the Experiment Over Oregon by Ann Filmore PhD
  • Project Monarch: Fact or Ficton? by Ron Patton
  • The Secret Team, The Circus, Gladio, Henchman of the NWO and The Long War by Olav Phillips
  • Fellowcraft Trial Lecture by James Wright
  • Drugs Used as Weapons Against Us by John Potash

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