The M Project: Studies on Settlement and Migration

In the mass of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s papers, there is buried a secret series of documents, comprising reports, memoranda, lectures, and administrative papers, pertaining to the mysterious M-Project. The purpose of the M-Project was to provide the definitive answer to the problem of displaced persons assuming a catastrophic event were to take place. These documents, hold the key to one of the world’s most persistent issues, were the product of a secret research program carried out by a small staff of geographers, and population experts, supervised by the emanate Dr. Henry Field of the Field Museum who in turn was directed personally by President Roosevelt and financed by a secret budget known only to Roosevelt. The M-Project represents a unprecedented “geopolitical tour de force,” which not only to solves the problem of migration but provides a blue print on how to reorganize the world in the event of a catastrophic event such as a massive war or extinction level event.


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