The Lost History of Atlantis

The romantic legend of the rise and fall of Atlantis has captured the imagination since Plato first told the story of a lost, glorious, island in the Atlantic that sank beneath the waves in a singlenight. Was there really a great ancient civilization on a vast continent, now many fathoms under the sea? Or is Atlantis rooted in the Great Flood stories found in cultures around the world? Scientists formerly dismissed the possibility of Atlantis’ existence but were forced to reconsider, partly because of the author of this book. Lewis Spence wrote five books about Atlantis, and this book is considered his best. A distinguished scholar, Spence spent decades sifting through fact and speculation, from mythology and religion to geography, geology, and archeology. Spence separates the fact from fantasy and discovers Atlantis’ history, geography, government, and religion. This work stands as the most authoritative study ever published on Atlantis, and any serious researcher needs this book.


PARANOIA Publishing

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